Taz's Tropical Havoc: Twister Island

Taz's Tropical Havoc: Twister Island

Dear visitors, today we offer you to make another journey to pristine exotic island, lost in the ocean. Join the protagonist of our new game Taz's Tropical Havoc in his compelled adventure, enjoy the company of funny creature Taz and let him arrange your excursion around the tropical paradise. The only problem is that this land is inhabited by hungry hostile aboriginals, who want to make of you a roast beef! So, if you want to survive, fight for your lives! Destroy all the sacred stone statues you meet on your way and finally leave the desolated land! It is not such a difficult task, as your new friend Taz has supernatural powers that appear after the creature eats a piece of fresh meat. Feed your partner, save him from starvation and show the natives, who’s the boss, playing online Taz's Tropical Havoc! Good luck to you!

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