Crazy Squirrel

Crazy Squirrel

You have already watched all of the parts of Ice Age film and still want more? Its fascinating characters: Manfred the mammoth, Diego the saber toothed tiger, Sid the sloth, funny possums and of course the adorable squirrel are your favorite cartoon heroes? Then you’ll agree that all of them have achieved their goals and received some rewards for their efforts. All, except the poor little squirrel named Scrat! From series to series this accident-prone creature tries to stock up some food for long and cold winter. It’s quite funny to watch Scrat’s failed attempts, but it seems to us that the unfortunate animal also deserves its share of happiness. So we suggest you to play our new online game under the title Crazy Squirrel and finally to feed the furry creature with different delicious foods. Join your favorite hero and help him to establish reserves of leafs and nourishing nuts with the Crazy Squirrel game! Good luck to you!

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