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Train Road

Do you like challenging puzzles? In this case, our new online game Train Road is just what you need! Your main goal today is to build a train line from point A to point B out of different parts, such as direct rails, curved rails, railway bifurcations and so on. This task reminds us a bit of classic jigsaw puzzles, as you are using separate pieces to create one whole image. But in fact your challenge is much more complicated, because all the elements of this puzzle have the same shape and always pass to each other! Build a road across the virtual map, taking into account that the train with several wagons could not pass the ring road, but only a small road bend. Collect fruits and stars on your way, if you want to get extra points. Work quickly and do not forget about the time, as the train has already departed from the starting station! Play Train Road online, enjoy your mind trainings!
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