Frizzle Fraz

Frizzle Fraz

Today we represent your attention yet another addition to our platformers collection, the game entitled Frizzle Fraz. It’s a bit similar to the popular Bounce or Ball in Troubles, but differs from them in gameplay complexity. This one will try to make your life as difficult as possible, so get ready for many trials, numerous enemies and tricky puzzles. According to the story, you will take control over the large but harmless creature Frizzle, who is out to save his little brothers. The mini-Frizzles are in big trouble, they were caught by round monsters and you are the only person who can free the poor little ones! Find your friends and take them home. You also need to collect all the keys to pass each level and finally complete your mission. Play Frizzle Fraz online, rescue furry Frizzles!

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