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Sim Taxi 2

One day the protagonist of our new online game entitled Sim Taxi 2 saw a cool car, which literally has stolen his heart. He could not resist the urge to buy this vehicle, but had no money to do it right now. That is why he decided to start his own taxi business, hoping to get a quick profit. Sounds like an ordinary time management plot? However, do not jump to conclusions, as this game belongs to the category of auto simulators, not time management! Here you are offered the role of a young and inexperienced taxi driver, trying to conquer the big city! Interesting proposition, isn’t it? So, play Sim Taxi 2 online to learn how it feels to be a common driver! Check the level of fuel in your car, monitor the mood of your passengers, watch the radar that shows the destination point and so on. How do you think, are you tough enough to cope with this task? Will you manage to fulfill the guy’s dream and buy him the desired car? Play Sim Taxi 2 to check it out!