We are glad to represent to your attention the new addicting game entitled Notrium, which is a mixture of several game genres, including Strategy, Adventures, Role-Playing and Puzzle elements. The plot of this game revolves around the man, whose spaceship broke down in the space forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing on the planet named Notrium. As it turned out, its fauna is completely hostile to human, so the guy had to use all his skills to survive in this dangerous place. Help him learn how to hunt or gather mushrooms to get some food. Build a shelter to protect him from rain or burning sun. You can even try to tame one of the planet’s predators, to make it a true friend and helper for you. Will you survive in such the harsh conditions? Download the Notrium game for free to find out the answer! Good luck to you!

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System requirements
  • Windows 95-98, Windows XP

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