Super Fight 2

Super Fight 2

Take a hero. Give him impossible odds. What do you get? Yes, the hero becoming triumphant. However, in more literal terms, the word “impossible” actually has a definition. This game uses that and gives you an impossible amount of enemies to destroy. Why? A high score, of course! I’ve got nothing against a game whose only goal is a high score. Many games use it as their primary hook. However, usually the game play is the actual centrepiece and will facilitate many replays in order to want to break that high score. This game relies only on you wanting to break the score, but gives you no reward for attempting to do so. The graphics are average, at best, while the game play is sub par. The repetitive clicking becomes rigorous and monotonous very quickly and it’s the only thing you have to do. The control scheme is bulky and non-sensical and the story line… well, to put it kindly, there is none. If what you want is to point and click, then go ahead and knock yourself out. Otherwise, steer clear. This game offers the casual gamer little, if nothing, in terms of actual reason to play.

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System requirements
  • Windows 95-98, Windows XP

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