Bernard & Hank

Bernard & Hank

There are not many games that can boast of the same great past and longevity, the Bernard & Hank game has. It is a true masterpiece of digital entertainment, able to compete in popularity with the famous Mario Brothers series. If you have already played Bernard & Hank on Nintendo, you know why is it so special. If not, don’t hesitate to download this exciting game right now and absolutely for free as it is really worth playing! Don’t let it’s slightly outdated 2D graphics scare you off! It is rather nice and funny, and you will surely like it when playing. Colorful backgrounds and amusing cartoon animation of Bernard & Hank game will cheer you up, while its simple but addicting story will really entice you. The point is that this time you are offered to play two characters at once. Get in the shoes of two ordinary farmers named Bernard and Hank to help them defend their farmland from the evil businessman who wants to assign it. Shoot the malicious Nationalliberal’s minions using the gun or simply jump on their heads, like you did playing SuperMario! In general, this game has over 40 levels, which will hold you in front of your monitor for many, many hours. Enjoy!

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System requirements
  • Windows 95-98, Windows XP

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